1. Parties

‘Pink Rebel Revolution’: Pink Rebel Revolution BVBA, Max Temmermanlaan (Heide) 26, 2920 Kalmthout, Belgum. Registered company 0669.740.755.

'User' or 'visitor': any natural person or legal entity who comes into contact with Rooilijn via this website. 

2. What are cookies

Cookies are tiny text files of information that the website stores on your computer or mobile phone. 

They collect information about, for example, your personal preferences, website visits and device in order to improve the functionality and user experience of the website. 

Some cookies collect personal data directly or indirectly and are therefore sensitive to privacy. That is why they fall under European and Belgian legislation.

3. Which cookies does Pink Rebel Revolution use

Three different types of cookies are used on the Pink Rebel Revolution website:

  1. Essential cookies
    Essential cookies are cookies that are necessary to guarantee the correct functioning of the website.
  2. Functional cookies
    Functional cookies are used to remember your preferences. They collect information about the choices and preferences of visitors. They offer the possibility to remember and personalise language and other local settings.
  3. Analytical or performance cookies
    Analytical or performance cookies collect information about the behaviour of visitors to measure the performance of the website in question and improve the user experience.

4. Managing cookies

You can manage your cookies in your browser settings: 

5. Questions

Should you have any questions or remarks regarding this Cookie Policy, please contact Pink Rebel Revolution.