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Welcome to the Pink Rebel Revolution-Consultancy

PRR-Consultancy is the (interim) HR management partner for any enterprise. We work for people, with people. Together with your employees we work towards creating a solid structure and an outstanding atmosphere in the workplace by focussing on mental resilience. This allows employees with even the most acute stress and burnout related complaints to reintegrate into the workplace in no time.

Our consultants translate employees' needs into language the C-suite can understand. Through minimal changes we ensure a nicer workplace with better results. Not just your team members will become more resilient, but turnover will become more robust and client satisfaction will grow exponentially.

The focus is entirely on your human capital; there is no business without your people. Working preventatively towards fighting psychosocial complaints such as burnout is a must in a fast paced world. Our customers stand behind their people by investing in a good mentality and understand that prevention is better than a cure.

Burners can have a knock-on effect on the team, especially when your company is going through a turbulent phase. Whether we act as an external partner to your organisation or as a fully integrated interim HR management team, ROI is guaranteed.

Loss making businesses break-even in no time and team spirit shoots through the roof. Our experts work for SME's and multinationals alike. Our network of PRR-Friends and our reliable Business Partners bring an extensive range of options than can be adapted to the DNA of your company.

Our soft pink corporate style emphasises the rebirth as homo sapiens. No matter your rank or origin, the palms of our hands and the soles of our feet are pink, characterising our humanity.

More information on mental resilience

Jouw mentale thuishulp dankzij PRR-Consultancy


PRR-Consultancy steunt je door de Corona periode door elke week GRATIS webinars aan te bieden.

Het is voor ons allemaal een uitdagende periode en ik wens als CEO van PRR-Consultancy mij aandeel daarin op te nemen.
Als HR-Consultant werk ik samen met bedrijven om de medewerkers hun mentaal kapitaal te bevorderen.
Om uit voorzorg echt te zorgen voor de teamleden en hen te motiveren, te stimuleren en te sensibiliseren.

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Helping people regain their inner strength is the most rewarding job there is

Thanks to the many classes, therapies and voluntary admissions for treatment over the last 20 years, I have been able to defeat burn-out and depression. More importantly, I’ve found the solution.

My monsters have become my buddies and I am privileged to be able to help and guide fellow sufferers in their struggles, together with my colleagues.

Helping people rediscover their inner strength is the most rewarding job there is.

~ Willemijn van Dommelen
Chairman PRR-Consultancy

A rebellious solution

Innovative HR partner

PRR-Consultancy is the innovative HR partner for reliable reintegration into the workplace. Our unique approach and PRR-certified guidance help strengthen mental resilience of the individual employee and their colleagues. Understanding and ensuring everything can be talked about openly means a nice working environment for everyone.

We help centre people, giving them back their inner strength, for a more resilient and confident team. This way even employees with acute and/or persistent stress issues can get back to work in no time.

Our rebellious approach is just that little bit different; we speak from experience and aren't afraid to colour outside the lines. In fact, we will give it our all to get your organisation back on track as quickly as possible.

We even fill your vacancies effortlessly!

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The facts

Recovery from burnout takes on average three to six months.
The employee lacks energy and ability, and suffers from a huge sense of shame.
A burnout can cost the company over 20,000 euro.
PRR-Consultancy is the only organisation that can integrate burners back into the workplace within a few weeks.

Break the silence!

Nobody has time for a burnout, but burnout will make time for you. It sneaks up on you and spreads like wildfire through body and mind. Burnout is taking on massive proportions and more employees are suffering from psychosocial problems than ever before. No employer is immune to the effects of this debilitating illness. So let's break the silence and do something about it!

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