The Rebel Process

PRR-Consultancy ensures your employee is strong enough to reintegrate within a few weeks.

We guide the client throughout their reintegration process and are with them every step of the way. We will also set up an awareness campaign within the burner’s department.

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What we do

Our style is different

Our style is different, our approach is edgy and progressive. Working on that burnout doesn’t need to be boring or drag on. Our approach is unconventional. Our consultants have that rock ‘n roll touch and don’t beat about the bush, because working with an illness is not a circus attraction. Are you brave enough to take us on?

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Vicious circle

Burnouts don’t just cost you money, they can also damage your company.  An employee is suffering from a burnout and can’t come in for a while. More pressure is piled onto the department and everybody has to pick up the pace. The burner stays away for longer than expected and the department implodes. Listlessness grows amongst the other employees and the vicious circle keeps going. 


A burner will not easily expose their vulnerability.  It is up to you to help guard against psychosocial illnesses in your employees.

  • How much does your company truly invest in its people?
  • How many reward systems are awarded annually?
  • If there are teambuilding activities, how are they followed up on?

If I want to explain in a few words who we are and what we do, I refer to the ‘Big Four’. The Ernst & Youngs of the world are known as the financial consultants that audit a company. We do the same thing on a psychosocial level. Together with the client, we develop a plan to help prevent or combat work related illnesses. We are the rebellious underdog that feels duty bound to bring employer and employee together in symphonious harmony.

~ Willemijn van Dommelen
Chairman PRR-Consultancy