We have consciously chosen pale pink or ‘rose’ for our corporate identity. When a baby is born, it is vulnerable and fragile. The soft pink in psychology stands for a colour name that is used for a light red (high intensity red), light (intense) and saturated magenta. It’s a tertiary colour, if that includes colours of high intensity.

The name ‘rose’ is derived from the French for rose, in Dutch it is often written as rose too, though in actual fact the correct spelling is roze.


Today pink is often used for babies, especially girls. Although until around the forties of the last century pink was mostly used for boys because it is so close to red, a decisive colour. Blue was often used for girls on the other hand, as it is considered to be a more delicate and feminine colour.

We chose pink to represent the cradling of any mentally fragile person who is in need of gentle loving care.

Fighters and strong personalities

Our mascot, ‘Rebel’ too has been chosen thoughtfully. The little man is symbol for humanity, for the apparent simplicity we can all project. Artist Jason Freeny dissected the Gingerbread Man and showed us how in its projected simplicity Gingerbread Man actually creates an illusion.

It is a strong individual like you and I, yet still vulnerable.

The Gingerbread Man is the only one that will keep going under any circumstance. Even when its arm has been nibbled at, even after his leg has been eaten, he keeps on running. Burners that are able to follow our Burners Cocktail have this same mindset: they are fighters and especially strong personalities who are on the road to their own victory.

The Gingerbread Man is presented as the strongest character of its kind in all fairy tales since 1857. Afraid of nothing and no one, perhaps even viewed as a little naïve? Or is it the perception that manifests the illusion, because doesn’t it remind you of another strong character in that list of Hollywood hits? Run,….

Gingerbread man
Run, run as fast as you can! You can't catch me. I'm the Gingerbread Man