Wicked workshops

As of now you can find us on EVENTBRITE, this is where we share all of our events and workshops and is the place where you can order your tickets.

Of course you can also sign up via info@pinkrebelcompany.com and even an old fashioned bank transfer is no problem. We hope to welcome you at one of our workshops soon!

Burn Baby Burn

Do you want to know how to fight off the monsters called burnout and depression? Do you prefer an unconventional approach and is there a wicked rebel hiding deep inside of you?

This rebellious presentation is where the Pink Rebel bares heart and soul.

Letting Go

Do you have trouble letting go of things? Is it hard to follow the river of life and do you battle swimming against the stream?

Pink Rebel Company offers wicked tips and tricks in this workshop that will help you flow through life!

Power of rebel love

What is it that makes your heart skip a beat? What is the true meaning behind the word love?

It’s about more than love between yourself and your partner. We go in search of selflove, love for your work, love for your family and friends, love for life…