't Hart voor iedereen

Board members Willemijn and Fiona started the non-profit organisation ’t hART voor iedereen vzw in 2008.  Their aim was to support the homeless and disadvantaged youth in Flanders through the organisation of various fundraisers and events to offer financial backing to different grassroots projects.  This allowed them to reach hundreds, if not thousands, of homeless and disadvantaged people around Antwerp and Brussels.

Meanwhile they met people. People each with a story of their own. And only too often did stress, powerlessness and helplessness feature as the main reason for someone to descend into poverty.  The impact of psychosocial problems is not to be underestimated. Add to this lack of a social or familial safetey net and a view of the future is soon lost.  After Willemijn’s third burnout it became clear: social disadvantage exists on many levels. 

Today The Pink Rebel Revolution and ‘t hART voor iedereen work closely together in creating awareness of burnout and other psychosocial problems, lobbying for a better understanding and health care for all.

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